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BPO is Business Process Outsourcing. It is an agreement between two parties for specific business task. Job seekers prefer BPO’s over other sectors because it is providing high paying jobs to graduates/undergraduates.

Having identified the training based on the various analyses, the next logical steps are to set training objectives in concrete terms and to decide on the training strategies to be adopted to meet these objectives. This training basically highlight the gap between the existing and desired repertoire of knowledge attitude and skills at individual, group and organisational level to enable the employees to contribute towards the realisation of organisational objectives at optimum efficiency.

Need for Training in BPO Industry

The various reasons behind the increasing training need in the BPO industry are:

  • BPO industry is expected to generate millions of jobs year by year, which is why training need has increased more than ever before.
  • High attrition rate in this sector reason being unsatisfied employee, monotonous work, neglected talent, inadequate know-how, etc.
  • Coming up of high profile BPOs