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About Us

About Co-Co

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Co-Co was founded by CA Damodaram Pagadala, certified Chartered Accountant. Hailing from a humble background, he has accomplished several milestones in his career - from completion of CA to becoming a successful professional in both industry and practice.

Over the years, Damodaram has addressed about 35 lakhs students and during this interaction he understood that students are not aware of the job specializations in Accounts, Finance and other commerce areas and therefore decided to equip the students with the right skills for a successful career.

Co-Co seeks to bridge gap between the academy and industry requirements by playing a vital role in complimenting their regular academy skills with industry relevant training in Accounts and Finance. Our focus is to train students undergoing B.Com, M.Com and MBA students.


For Colleges & Schools

On campus. Integrated 2 years course or choose-your-modules courses.

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For Individual Students

At Co-Co's institutes.Scholarships for qualifying students.

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For Corporates

Recruit our industry-ready students. On full-time, trainee basis.

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Objectives of CO-CO

Mission and Vission

Equipping them with the relevant industry skills during college itself

CA students get good practical exposure as they are required to work with senior CA for 3 years as part of their academic but non-CA UG and PG students are at a disadvantage because of no relevant industry training. This program will eliminate that disadvantage and make them competitive with CA students in terms of employability.

Practical sessions to be handled by Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Company Secretaries, so that the importance of the practical exposure percolates to the student over the period of 3 years.

Conceptual and Analytical approach of the student deepens in a phased manner over the period of three years and they will be able to appreciate the subjects better at UG and PG level.

The class not only enhances their level of confidence, but gives the student an opportunity to relate to the business world outside with a technical outlook.

More importantly, the student will be able to appreciate the fact, that he is making valuable use of his /her time during college.


Hear what our students have to say

Co-Co provided me a practical knowledge which I couldn’t get last 3 years in my college. Training program offered by Co-Co has taken my level of knowledge to advanced stage.

Ramachandran Student

Co-Co provides practical knowledge beyond our test books and connects us to many top most corporate experts and professionals. It has boosted my confidence level.

Revathy Student

I was in dark about my career. I have no idea on how to get job and where to get job. Luckily Co-Co directed me into right path and set my career as I expected.

Ruban CA Student

I was very happy with all the trainers because everyone was very friendly in nature and has given full freedom to interact with them and also allowed to contact them even after training.

Lakshmi Student

In Co-Co, It is our choice to choose any of the modules offered by Co-Co. We can customize our areas of interest; get 100% practical training and then placement.

Daniel Student

CA Damodaram Pagadala, founder of Co-Co has a great vision to develop much young generation to create more career opportunities and entrepreneurs.

Akshya Student

The fee charged by Co-Co is very much reasonable and affordable to all. We normally spend outside to learn any topic minimum of Rs.10, 000 – Rs.15, 000 but in Co-Co we can get each topic at maximum Rs.2000.

Prasanna CMA Student